Grav Core Drilling Safety Policy Statement

Our company is committed to providing the safest possible working environment and conditions for our employees. The safety of our employees is a prime concern to management. With this in mind, the following management commitment is being made to prevent unnecessary injuries to our employees.

  • All Grav Core Drilling, LLC employees recognize that safety is an integral part of their job duties and are responsible for preventing injuries.
  • Safe working conditions are an essential part of our business.
  • All employees are to be properly and thoroughly trained in safe work practices and are to understand the importance placed on working safely every day.
  • Management is open to any suggestions, which will help improve the safety of our employees
  • Safety is simply good business. Good for our customers, good for our employees, and good for the company

The prevention of employee injuries is of the utmost importance and a key ingredient to the
continued success and growth of our company. We urge each of you to join with us in committing
to make our company the safest possible place to work. Each employee has a personal responsibility to work safely. In a broad sense all employees are members of the safety committee.
All employees, together, have the responsibility to create and maintain a workplace that is free of unsafe and hazardous conditions.

Our workplace has an active safety program. Your first responsibility is to learn safe procedures for performing your work assignments. Your second responsibility is to use only safe procedures in your work. Also, when you see an unsafe or possibly unsafe condition in the workplace, or when you see what is or possibly may be unsafe work behavior, you are to correct it if possible. And you are to report it to your Supervisor.

This is important so that management can make necessary decisions to improve safe working
conditions and safe working behaviors. The Safety Director, acting with the input of the safety committees, maintains a Safety Pocket Manual. You receive a copy of the Safety Pocket Manual when you begin your employment.

You have the responsibility to study this manual and to conform to the guidelines in the manual. If you have any questions about the safety guidelines or your responsibilities for safe behavior, discuss them with your Supervisor, your safety committee, or the Safety Director.

Grav Core Drilling LLC’s Health and Safety Program consists of the following components:

  1. Safety Manual
  2. Monthly safety meetings
  3. Silica dust safety
  4. Unannounced job safety inspections (minimum of 1 per month)
  5. Weekly Toolbox Safety Tips
  6. Periodic safety training programs
  7. Safety Incentive Bonus Program
  8. New employee and random drug testing program
  9. Adoption of annual safety goals which are reviewed monthly
  10. Online safety training through the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association

Safety Manual

On August 2018, Grav Core Drilling LLC adopted the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association’s (CSDA) Safety Manual as its Safety Manual.

CSDA is a professional organization established to promote the use of specialty sawing and drilling
contractors and their methods. In support of this goal, its Code of Ethics demands that members
pursue the highest standards of safety, quality and integrity. CSDA provides a forum in which
members can share their ideas, needs, and concerns in a constructive framework to further enhance concrete sawing and drilling technologies.

Grav Core Drilling LLC determined that since CSDA is focused directly on the concrete sawing and drilling industry, its safety manual is more applicable to its safety program than the more generic manual previously used. The manual is divided into a Field Safety Section and a Reference Section. The Field Safety Section is intended for the operator in the field to identify company specific safety policies related to key issues of operation. The Reference Section is designed to serve as a guide on additional topics that may affect the overall company safety program.

This manual is distributed to all employees and a copy is kept in each vehicle. Each employee acknowledges receipt of his copy by signing and returning 3.12 Employee Safety Rules Acknowledgement.

It is the policy of Grav Core Drilling LLC to maintain a safe workplace and prevent work- related injuries. We will implement industry safety standards and engineering controls, and educate and train our employees. It is the employee’s responsibility to understand the safety rules, work in a safe manner, and actively participate in our safety program. Working together, we will promote and adhere to the principle of “Safety First”.

Monthly Safety Meetings

Grav Core Drilling LLC conducts monthly safety meetings the first Monday of each month. Attendance by all employees is mandatory. Typed minutes are prepared for each meeting and filed along with the sign-in sheet. During these meetings we review a variety of safety topics, frequently reminding the employees of their responsibility for using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Silica Dust Safety

Grav Core Drilling is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace to our employees, recognizing the right of workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment and ensuring that Grav Core Drilling’s activities do not adversely affect the health and safety of any other persons.

This commitment includes ensuring every reasonable precaution is taken to protect our employees (and others) from the adverse health effects associated with exposure to silica.

Due to the risk posed by respirable silica, it is critical that all personnel involved in activities that could potentially create silica dust take specific actions to ensure that, as much as practicable, a hazard is not created. In recognition of this, the following (Silica related) responsibilities have been established and must be adhered to:

Grav Core Drilling Senior Management is responsible for:

  • Regularly evaluating new equipment and technologies that become available, as able/appropriate, purchasing the best available equipment/technologies (within Grav Core Drilling’s capabilities). Equipment/technologies with (silica) dust suppression and/or capture technologies will generally be given preference over equipment/technologies that lack such.
  • Implementing a suitable respirable silica exposure monitoring program, or otherwise ensuring representative exposure monitoring results are available. The purpose of the program will ensure that over time, Grav Core Drilling has quantifiable silica exposure data available for all regularly occurring, as well as reasonably foreseeable, work activities.
  • Ensuring project and/or task specific Exposure Control Plans (ECPs) are developed communicated and effectively implemented as appropriate.
  • Ensuring that all employees (i.e. Managers, Supervisors and Workers) receive the necessary education and training related to this Policy, as well as project/task specific ECPs.
  • Maintaining applicable records (i.e. exposure sampling, inspections, respirator fit tests, training records, etc.) in accordance with Grav Core Drilling’s record retention procedures/practices.

Grav Core Drilling Supervisors (i.e. Superintendents/Foreman) are responsible for:

  • Obtaining a copy of the project/task specific ECPs (and/or other similar such information), and ensuring such are made available at each work site.
  • Ensuring that all the tools, equipment, PPE and materials (including water) necessary to implement the ECP is available (and in good working order) prior to allowing work activities to commence.
  • Ensuring that all workers (under the supervisor’s direction and control) have received the necessary education and training. As appropriate, each supervisor must ensure that workers are available to “demonstrate competency” for identified tasks.
  • Ensuring that all employees (i.e. Managers, Supervisors and Workers) receive the necessary education and training related to this Policy, as well as project/task specific ECPs.
  • Ensuring that workers adhere to the project/task specific ECP, including PPE and personal hygiene (i.e. including be clean shaven where the respirator seals to the user’s face) requirements.
  • Coordinating work activities with the Owner/Prime Contractor as required, and/or otherwise implementing the controls necessary to protect others (i.e. erecting of barricades and signage) who could be adversely effected by Grav Core Drilling’s acts (or omissions).

Grav Core Drilling Employees (and subcontracted employees) are responsible for:

  • Knowing the hazards of silica dust exposure.
  • Using the assigned protective equipment in an effective and safe manner.
  • Working in accordance with the project/task specific ECP.
  • Reporting (immediately) to their supervisor, any hazards (i.e. unsafe conditions, unsafe acts,
    improperly operating equipment, etc.).

Unannounced Job Safety Inspections (Minimum of 1 per Month)

Grav Core Drilling LLC conducts a minimum of one unannounced job safety inspection each month. Between January 1 and July 30 of this year, nine inspections have been completed and documented by Andrea Molina, Operations Manager of Grav Core Drilling LLC. Ms. Molina initially reviews and discusses the job order prior to departure to the job site in order to identify the potential safety issues. Once she arrives at the site, she visually assesses the entire global job site to understand what operations are occurring, what equipment is in use, and who is within proximity to the operations. She then examines both generic and job specific safety items. This examination always includes a review of personal protective equipment. The job safety inspection is concluded with a brief conversation with the employees about what she saw on the job and about any job safety concerns she may have observed while working. Afterwards all job safety inspections are reviewed during the monthly safety meetings.

Weekly Toolbox Safety Tips

Weekly Toolbox Safety Tips are distributed to each field and shop employee every payday. These are usually one page narratives which address an applicable job safety issue. The Toolbox Safety Tip is transmitted with a cover memo. Each employee is required to sign the cover memo indicating
that he/she has received and read the Toolbox Safety Tip. The cover memo is then returned to the office for placement in an employee file maintained for this purpose.

Periodic Safety Training Programs

Grav Core Drilling LLC periodically conducts company-wide employee training on selected safety topics.
Our next class is scheduled for November 2018. It will be the 10-Hour OSHA class. We will thoroughly reiterate the importance of proper personal safety and protective equipment.

Safety Incentive Bonus Program

In order to increase safety awareness and to reward those employees who operate safely, Grav Core Drilling LLC implemented a Safety Incentive Bonus Program on January 2018. A description of that program was distributed as a reminder to employees on May 2018.

New Employee and Random Drug Testing Program

All new employees receive a drug screening at the time of application. In addition, all current employees are subjected to random drug testing. Grav Core Drilling LLC has a zero tolerance policy regarding drug use. Known users are not hired. Employees who are confirmed drug users are dismissed immediately.

Adoption of Annual Safety Goals which are Reviewed Monthly

During the February 2018 Monthly Safety Meeting, the employees adopted five safety goals for 2018. Progress in attaining these goals is reviewed and documented monthly during the safety meetings.

Online Safety Training through the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association

Grav Core Drilling LLC is in the process of purchasing subscriptions to an individualized online safety training program provided by the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association. Each field employee will be required to take this training and successfully pass the testing.

CSDA’s five training and safety videos have been converted to online training and safetycourses for flat sawing, wall sawing, core drilling, hand sawing, and wire sawing. The videos cover all aspects of sawing and drilling. Production and specialty machines are covered, as are different
types of diamond tools. Major sections of the videos deal with set-up, operation, cutting speed and efficiency, water supply, safety and maintenance.

The allotted time for completing the training and the tests is two weeks from the date of assignment.
The total time required to complete the five videos and tests is between 2.5 and 3 hour.

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